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Taylor Swift’s ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ Is A Total Jam & Also Completely Savage

Calvin who?
Taylor Swift

Rest assured, we were up last night listening to the entirety of T-Swift’s new album, and it is just as good as we were hoping. She released it 13 minutes before midnight on Apple Music because—13, duh. It’s her fav number and she’s just that clever. Fans are convinced that Taylor Swift’s “I Forgot That You Existed,” meaning is a Calvin Harris clapback. The first song on her album, and a total bop, the song is about totally and completely letting go of that ex you thought you’d never get over. The song begins:

“How many days did I spend thinking
‘Bout how you did me wrong, wrong, wrong?
Lived in the shade you were throwing
‘Til all of my sunshine was gone, gone, gone
And I couldn’t get away from ya
In my feelings more than Drake, so yeah
Your name on my lips, tongue-tied
Free rent, living in my mind”

Can you even? “Your name on my lips, tongue-tied. Free-rent living in my mind.” This is just one of the truly inspired lyrics found in this song and on Swift’s album. She has such a way with words. We’ve all been there with a guy or girl, right? You just can’t them out of your head, no matter how you try. Well well well, then comes the moment that suddenly, you do.

Swift sings,

But then something happened one magical night:
I forgot that you existed.
And I thought that it would kill me but it didn’t.

We’re SCREAMING. So savage. So extra. So accurate. We love it. She continues,

And it was so nice.
So peaceful and quiet.
I forgot that you existed.
It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference.

And you better believe Swift, talk-sings that last word—”indifference”—to make it sound exactly the right amount of a sassy and uninterested. She drops the note as if it’s not even worth singing the word. Damn. After she sings the chorus a second time, she includes a laugh on the track. Swift loves to leave in some extra sounds and comments that she makes while recording. It’s something almost entirely unique to her work, and it’s pretty cool.


So as usual, fans are quickly analyzing each song on Swift’s epic, swooning new album that is mostly full of love songs for Joe Alwyn. Fans are convinced that track #1, however, is about her most recent ex pre-Alwyn, record producer Calvin Harris. The two split pretty dramatically and, well, it seems fitting that her most shady breakup song to date would be about him. Eek. But also yes queen!! Killing it. And when she sings the chorus one last time, she drops the note on the word “didn’t” (AKA “I thought that it would kill me but it didn’t“), once again emphasizing that  she is ~fine~ and how dare he or anyone else think that Harris could ever break her.

Have a listen:

Twitter, naturally, has a lot of opinions on this song.

This one make us LOL:

As does this one:

They just keep getting better and better.

Well done, Twitterverse!

Now—there are a few fans that think the song is aimed at her longtime nemesis Kim Kardashian and her hubby Kanye West.

Well, either way, she got her point across. “It isn’t love, it isn’t hate, it’s just indifference…so…yeah.”

*drops mic*

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