Is Posh in danger of melting away again? The formerly scary skinny designer and fashion muse is facing raised public scrutiny following her recent turn as a magazine cover girl. Is Victoria Beckham Getting Scary Skinny Again? – StyleCaster
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Is Victoria Beckham Getting Scary Skinny Again?

When it comes to a thermal measurement of the Beckhams‘ star wattage as a whole, there’s no question they leave us completely hot and bothered. But when it comes to chic mama matriarch Victoria Beckham and her past tendency to whittle away the pounds…well, let’s just say we find the results quite chilling. (As in it was a major injustice not to gift her with a full-on fur bodysuit and matching stilettos to make up for the lack of body mass she was determined to sport on and off the red carpet.)

And while we love Vic to death and then some now, we can’t help but think somebody wasn’t thinking when they decided to run this recent cover of her for Harper’s Bazaar in China. Given the raised outcry as of late for the fashion industry to acknowledge its impact on women developing eating disorders, it stands to reason that showing off the indented ribcage of a mother of four even if it WAS photoshopped isn’t the best message to send. Quite frankly, VB would look damn near fierce in a cheap robe and slippers, so it seems like an extreme measure to take when she’s already riding high following her successful showing at NYFW and being named fashion ambassador to Britain.

And just in case anyone needs a reminder of how beautiful Becks better half looks when she has some meat on her bones, we’ve compiled an unsettling reminder. Posh, your constant scowl warms our hearts, your 24/7 obsession with high heels make us giggle and your love for your kids demands a nom for mother of the year. Enjoy being you and don’t you dare put down that double stuff Oreo.

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