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Jessica Mulroney’s Net Worth Proves She’ll Be Fine With or Without Meghan Markle

Here's how much the former Duchess of Sussex's BFF makes.
Jessica Mulroney
Image: Shutterstock.

Meghan Markle’s ex-best friend isn’t going to be signing on for new moneymaking projects anytime soon, but she’ll be OK. Jessica Mulroney’s net worth is pretty hefty as it is. The Canadian stylist and fashion consultant will have to make do with what she already has, while she takes some time off to address some of her troubling actions.

Mulroney, 40, was recently exposed for having threatened Sasha Exeter, 40, over a Black Lives Matter call to action. The Black influencer and blogger went public about Mulroney’s attack, which was apparently prompted by a general post calling upon white allies to use their large platforms to address anti-Blackness and police violence around the world. Mulroney seemed to take the request personally and proceeded to lay her white guilt on Exeter.

Exeter went on to reveal that Mulroney defamed her among potential clients. When the blogger shared the details in an IGTV post, Mulroney went on to offer a public apology—only to privately message Exeter with further threats of a “liable [sic] lawsuit,” a.k.a. a libel suit.

The influencer didn’t let Mulroney bully her any further, and exposed those private messages, too. In the aftermath, Mulroney was pulled from her roles with Good Morning America, and her show, I Do, Redo, was canceled. So was her friendship with Meghan: According to sources close to the Duchess of Sussex, she was “mortified” by Mulroney’s “tone-deaf” white privilege, and would not be able to remain friends with her.

If you’re thinking that’s all too much of a “punishment” for someone like Mulroney, let’s just remind you that she’s still a millionaire. She can certainly take this time off to reconsider her perspective, to learn, listen, and most importantly, grow up. Here’s a look at how much Mulroney will be sitting on while she (hopefully) does all of that.

How does Jessica Mulroney make money?

Mulroney has juggled a whole host of gigs in the fashion world, from freelance stylist roles to consulting. Back in 2016, she worked simultaneously as bridal wear company Kleinfield’s fashion specialist and served as a director to expand their Canada division. She also worked closely to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, acting as a fashion consultant for his wife, Sophie Trudeau.

Her proximity to such high-profile clients has given her the opportunity to forge partnerships with global luxury brands and designers. Mulroney has taken up freelance opportunities with other celebrities as a result—in 2020 alone, she ended up styling actress Mindy Kaling for the Academy Awards.

While it’s unclear what her remaining ties are to the Trudeaus, her role with Kleinfield has since been axed in light of her controversy. We don’t see those freelance gigs with the likes of Kaling coming around again anytime soon, either.

How much money is Jessica Mulroney losing after her controversy?

Mulroney has lost connections to some major moneymakers. She used to serve as a television host and commentator for Good Morning America’s network (among others), but she was promptly let go in a statement released on Friday, June 12. “As Jessica Mulroney said last night, she is stepping away from her professional engagements and that includes Good Morning America. She will no longer appear on our show,” the outlet tweeted.

Her partnerships with CTV have also been cut. Mulroney was slated to premiere a bridal-themed reality TV series, I Do, Redo, which has since been canceled. While it’s unclear how much these losses amount to monetarily, we can only imagine it’s enough to sting. I Do, Redo was scheduled for a Netflix pickup, after all—and we all know the streaming giant pays well. Now, not so much.

What is Jessica Mulroney’s net worth?

According to The Sun, Jessica Mulroney’s net worth is reportedly anywhere between $1 million and $5 million. With this recent scandal, let’s just assume it’s resembling the smaller end of the scale.

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