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In Which Kylie Jenner Cooks Lasagne in a Thong

No apron in sight.

After Kylie Jenner’s exploits last night, it is very possible that “lasagne” is about to become a code word for a thirst trap. Girlfriend decided to have a cozy night at home last night with BFF Jordyn Woods, and instead of donning an apron or whatever to cook lasagne in her pristine kitchen (complete with a full line of brand-new copper pots), she threw on a beige sports bra and high-waisted thong and took to the kitchen. “Lasagne,” she casually tagged three Snapchat photos—the first floating near a suggestive pose, the second across her ass, and the third next to an actual dish of lasagne.

Jenner started things off by going upstairs and donning the bra and thong, and then showing off in the mirror, blasting The Weeknd’s “Starboy” and zooming in on her body. Then she skipped downstairs to kick off some lasagne-making, as one does. “Me and Jordie are making lasagne,” she said, giving off the trademarked Kylie Jenner cat-ate-the-canary smile.

Next, to follow the time-honored tradition of posting hot pics of oneself labeled “lasagne” whilst cooking up some Italian comfort food, Jenner posted the aforementioned trio of shots. “Lasagne,” “Lasagne,” “Lasagne,” she posted.

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No word on how the lasagne turned out, but who cares? The point of this exercise is not eating lasagne. A few bonus pics:

People love to copy Kylie, but we’re not sure the tan sports bra and matching thong look is going to catch on in the kitchen. Let’s all hope not.

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