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Who is Margot Robbie? 6 Things to Know About the Sexy ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Star

Get to know the sexy 'Wolf of Wall Street' star.
Margot Robbie: 6 Things to Know About the 'Wolf of Wall Street' Star

Actress Margot Robbie is definitely making headlines for playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese‘s “The Wolf of Wall Street. Apart from her gorgeous looks and the fact she’s starring in one of the year’s biggest films, Robbie told the New York Times this week that it took three tequila shots to work up enough nerve to do that first doorway nude scene in the over-the-top movie (if you’ve witnessed the scene, you’ll understand.)

"The Wolf Of Wall Street" margot robbie
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Bagging the female lead in a Scorsese flick alongside DiCaprio and Jonah Hill was no small feat for the actress, and—for obvious reasons—we think we’ll be seeing plenty more of her. To that end, here are 6 things to know about sexy “Wolf of Wall Street’ star.

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1. She’s Australian.
Despite her heavy Bay Ridge, Brooklyn accent in “Wolf,” Robbie grew up splitting her time between Australia’s Gold Coast and her grandparents’ farm, before moving to Melbourne when she was 17 years old to start acting in Australian commercials and TV shows.

2. She’s only 23 years old.
Despite her highly mature and glamorous visage, this gal’s only 23.

3. You might recognize her from prime time TV.
Robbie had a part on ABC’s short-lived retro series “Pan Am” alongside Christina Ricci playing Laura Cameron, a new flight attendant.

4. She auditioned for ABC’s 2011 “Charlie’s Angels” reboot.
After arriving in Los Angeles for pilot season, Robbie auditioned for a role in ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels.” However, it’s reported that producers preferred her for a role in ‘Pan Am.” (Both shows were promptly canceled.)

5. She’s getting lucky in the leading man department.
Next up for Robbie is “Focus” alongside Will Smith, in which she plays an amateur pickpocket who gets involved in a con ring, and falls for Smith’s character.

6. She really loves the New York Rangers.
And apparently cries when they lose, according to the below photo. 

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