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How Paul Walker Die
Image: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Forever a legend. After the release of the new Fast X movie in 2023, many people are asking: how did Paul Walker die?

Paul Walker played Brian O’Conner, one of the main characters in The Fast & Furious franchise. He joined the film on a whim in the early 2000s and the saga has become one of the most best-selling movie franchises in history. “The way it came about was really bizarre, they came to me and presented this idea, that’s all it was at the time … They didn’t even have a screenplay, they didn’t have anything,” he told Access Hollywood in 2001.

Sadly, the actor passed away during the filming of Fast 7, and the actors of the franchise still honor him to this day. So, how did Paul Walker die?

How did Paul Walker die?

Paul Walker
Image: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

How did Paul Walker die? On November 30, 2013, at approximately 3:30 p.m. Walker was involved in a single-vehicle car crash with his friend Roger Rodas. He was 40. The actor was driving in the Valencia neighborhood in Santa Clarita, California at a speed of over 100 mph in a 45 mph zone. Walker died of the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries while Rodas, the driver, died of multiple traumatic injuries. No drugs or alcohol were detected in either men.

Kristy McCracken, the investigator for the Los Angeles coroner, described how the car was driving at an unsafe speed in an easterly direction. “For an unknown reason, the driver lost control of the vehicle and the vehicle partially spun around and began to travel in a south-easterly direction.” The coroner report stated, “The vehicle then struck a sidewalk and the driver’s side struck a tree and then a light post. The force of these collisions caused the vehicle to spin 180 degrees and it continued to travel in an easterly direction. The passenger side of the vehicle then struck a tree and it then burst into flames.” The coroner said the Porsche was found “totaled with major traffic collision damage all around and it appeared that the vehicle was almost split in half.”

Fast and Furious 7

Paul Walker
Image: Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images

Walker died while the seventh installment of The Fast & Furious franchise was being filmed. In a social media statement, The Fast & Furious team decided to film the rest of the movie in honor of Walker’s legacy. “We came together and all felt the only choice was to continue,” the statement read. “We believe our fans want that, and we believe Paul would want that too. Paul had already shot his dramatic scenes and most of his action for FAST & FURIOUS 7, and it’s among the strongest work of his career.”

His younger brothers Caleb and Cody Walker were used as stand-bys for the rest of the filming. The character of Brian O’Conner retired from the film series after Furious 7. The hit song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth was commissioned for the film and is heard when Dom and Brian are driving out at the end of the film.

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