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Miranda Cosgrove’s Net Worth & ‘iCarly’ Salary Explains Why She’s Back For the Reboot

This is some serious chiz!

iCarly fans and beyond may be wondering what Miranda Cosgrove‘s net worth is now that the actress is starring in an official reboot of the beloved Nickelodeon series. Well, in the words of iCarly’s Freddie Benson, let’s just say that Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth is some serious chiz!

Now, whether or not you’re a fan of Cosgrove from her days playing Carly Shay, it’s likely that you recognize her—especially if you ever watched Nickelodeon at any point during the early 2000s. Before she starred in a series of her own, Cosgrove had already landed her first major role on another beloved Nickelodeon series, Drake & Josh, in 2004. In the series, she played Megan Parker, the mischievous younger sister of the two title characters. Cosgrove made her film debut just one year prior in 2003’s School of Rock and has since held guest roles on other Nickelodeon projects like Zoey 101 and The Naked Brothers Band, along with voice acting work for films like the Despicable Me franchise.

But you’re here because you want to know Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into what Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth and iCarly salary really are as of 2022. Just keep on reading below to find out!

How much did Miranda Cosgrove make from iCarly?

Although she was only a teen at the time, Miranda Cosgrove made a shockingly high amount of money on iCarly. According to the New York Post, Cosgrove made an estimated $180,000 per episode. Given that the series ran for six seasons and aired 97 of 109 episodes created for Nickelodeon, it’s likely that the child star earned anywhere between $1.7 to 1.9 million by the time iCarly wrapped in 2012.

For some context, Cosgrove’s salary was so high that it even landed her on the Guinness World Records list as the highest-paid child actress of 2012 and second-highest-paid child star regardless of gender at the time.

What is Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miranda Cosgrove’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at around $10 million, thanks to her iCarly salary and other film/TV paychecks, along with earnings from her music career. The Nickelodeon alum launched her music career in 2007, releasing two EPs and her full-length album, Sparks Fly, three years later.

In an interview with Collider in 2022, Cosgrove explained how filming the iCarly reboot, which premiered in 2021, felt different than filming the original series. “It definitely feels similar in a lot of ways, more than I thought it was going to. For one thing, Carly is a little naive, in a good way. She’s really positive and always hopes that things are gonna go well, even though a lot of the time they don’t,” she said at the time. “And I feel like, on the original series, she went on a lot of dates that didn’t go well, or they didn’t go the way she thought they were gonna go. Even now that almost 10 years have passed, she’s still doing the same thing. She still goes on a lot of dates that just go in very weird direction, but she stays really hopeful. That whole side of Carly stayed the same, and it’s easy for me to fall right back into.”

She continued, “I would say one of the biggest changes is probably that, in the original series, her best friend was Sam, and now in this series, they don’t see other a lot and she has a new best friend, Harper. She has her own apartment and lives in the same building, but doesn’t live with Spencer anymore. She’s grown up, she’s branched out, and she’s trying new things with her web show. She gets a manager this season, for the first time, because she really wants to try to expand her audience of her show and take it more seriously, like it’s a business. It’s been really fun, getting to play the character again. I never thought that I’d get to play Carly as an adult.”

Cosgrove also revealed that she was hesitant to do an iCarly reboot at first before she was convinced by her co-star, Jerry Trainor, who plays her brother, Spencer Shay. “There were so many conversations. When I was first approached to do it, I initially thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea because it hadn’t really ever crossed my mind. I didn’t think I’d ever be approached to do iCarly again,” she said. “So many times when you make a revival or a reboot, or you try to recreate something that was special at one point in time, it just doesn’t go very well or it’s not received well and people seem disappointed. I think I was really scared to let down all those kids that are now my age, that really liked the original show. So, there was a lot of worry and fear involved, at first.”

She continued, “And then, I called Jerry [Trainor] and I remember getting off the phone with him and it was one of the first times I felt like really good about it. We talked about doing this show and making sure it was actually more adult and that it was for the people that watched the original. That’s when things started really falling into place. Originally, when we were trying to recreate what the show used to be and have it be for younger people, that was a struggle. It didn’t feel like it was gonna be right. It’s fun getting to play the character this way and just getting to tackle some more mature themes that we never would’ve been able to, in the original show.”

Along with starring as a cast member on the iCarly reboot, Cosgrove is also an executive producer, which is sure to increase how much she makes from the show compared to the original.  “It gives me a lot of creative control that I never had when I did the original series. I didn’t really have a say, at all, in the original. I started it when I was 13, and I was just really trying to do my job as well as I could,” she told Collider. “People would give me line readings and tell me everything to do, and I was just trying to execute it the exact way they told me. Now, I just have so much more say in the scripts and all the storylines, and I get to help edit the episodes.”

She continued, “That’s been a really fun learning experience because I’d never edited anything in my life. So, just to get to be a part of all that, I’ve already learned so many new things. I’m just always worrying about the characters, especially my character. I know my character the best probably, so if things come up in the scripts that don’t seem like something I think Carly would do, I always really try to speak up. It’s the same with Jerry and Nathan [Kress]. They’re really protective of those characters and they know their characters better than anyone, so they do the same thing. I think that that helps a lot.”

iCarly is available to stream on Paramount Plus. Here’s how to watch it for free.

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