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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Snubbed During a Photoshoot & BLINKs Are Furious

It's not the first time this has happened.
Image: Saira MacLeod/Shutterstock.

There’s been a running trend where BLINKs think BLACKPINK’s Jisoo deserves Adidas’ apology. It all comes down to the uncomfortable observation that the 25-year-old K-Pop group member keeps being left out of the brand’s campaigns and photoshoots. According to some, this is not the first time the global footwear brand has slighted Jisoo.

“This is not the first time Adidas has done it to Jisoo. We can’t tolerate anymore,” wrote one fan on Twitter. And by “it,” they meant that Jisoo was removed from Adidas’ China recent campaign altogether, leaving behind photos that only featured Lisa, Rosé and Jennie on their site and social media. For many, it felt like an obvious bias against the star.

In response, BLINKs immediately began trending #AdidasApologizeToJisoo on Twitter, demanding a formal apology and reaction from the brand. Fans poured in with comments on the situation, with some suggesting that they treat Jisoo unfairly during the physical photoshoot: “they probably tell the jisoo to stay in the corner during the photos just to be able to crop it later, i hate this company,” wrote one fan.

Others noted that BLINKs were keeping receipts, and that this repeated instance of bias could damage the company. “This precious lady doesn’t deserve you Adidas. Jisoo deserves better treatment! She does her job so do yours,” one fan suggested. “Don’t keep on messing up Adidas it may affect your brand if you keep on disrespecting Jisoo.”

For many, this “disrespect” was particularly hurtful, seeing as how Jisoo is the BLACKPINK member who has been promoting the Adidas brand the most. As one fan added, “like Jisoo has been promoting Adidas since then but look what Adidas did for a thank you.” Others noted that there was a potential conflict of interest at play, given that Jisoo recently signed a deal with Dior—a brand that collaborates with Nike, Adidas’ direct competitor.

BLINKs got their response, however, when Adidas corrected the photos on their website to include Jisoo. While no official apology has been issued, for now, there was this acknowledgment to tide fans over.

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