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The ARMY Has Several Theories About BTS’ 2020 Comeback & Some Are Very Promising

January or February? Hmm.
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You really think the ARMY isn’t already pulling out proof for BTS’ next album? Of course they are. BTS’ comeback in 2020 is rumored to either take place in January or February, and here’s why. After desperately waiting eight months since Map of the Soul: Persona was released on April 12, 2019, it seems the ARMY finally received “confirmation” that their hunches are correct. And that’s thanks to Big Hit.

It all started with a potentially fake, potentially legit report by the outlet Sports News: On Dec. 10, the site posted that BTS is going to make a comeback sometime in February 2020—fans were surprised, having originally assumed a new album was coming in January (but more on than later). When Big Hit responded to these rumors, however, it seemed to confirm their validity.

“We will reveal the comeback schedule when it has been confirmed,” he said in a statement. While that seems like a wishy-washy statement, any member of the ARMY knows that whenever Big Hit responds to a rumor without confirming or denying it, it’s essentially just a confirmation that he hasn’t been given the greenlight for just yet. Otherwise, why comment on it in first place, right?

But the matter of whether the comeback will take place in January or February of 2020 is still up for debate between ARMYs. After all, after BTS performed at the MMAs, many took note of the subtle hints peppered throughout the show. One being that “1/10” appeared to be written on the set of their performance.

Usually, however, BTS gives fans a heads up about their upcoming albums a month in advance—which means we were supposed to get a statement today. Unless we’re meant to interpret Big Hit’s response as confirmation, it appears the ARMY may be undershooting it when it comes to thinking of a January 2020 comeback.

What does make a little more sense, instead, is that “1/10” is the date of the announcement, meaning that the album will be released in February.

Either way, though, we know for a fact that the guys are hard at work getting this new album ready for us. “We’re now preparing for our next album, and I think we’ll be able to appear in front of you with a much greater album than what you’ll be expecting,” Jimin said during their acceptance speech for Album of the Year at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards last week.

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