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The Only Beyoncé Gift Guide For Pristine Beyhive Formation

This nail art is a must-have.
STYLECASTER | Beyoncé Gift Guide
Giphy. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

She’s already given us way more than we deserve, but this Beyoncé gift guide for 2019 proves that she will never allow the hive to sit around empty-handed, especially as we head into the holiday season. This year alone, she’s already let us have Netflix’s Homecoming, the live-action version of Disney’s The Lion King and of course, the accompanying album —The Gift. However, because Beyoncé is our President and we stan so hard for her, we’re greedy and we’re going to hold out our underserving hands for even more.

Since she hasn’t hit the stage in a professional capacity this year, we’ve only been able to acquire merch on Though we admittedly live for the merch (and are still awaiting this highly anticipated Adidas collab) –there are so many other Beyoncé-themed gifts to get your Bey-lovin’ hands on. Though we clearly want you to be generous with yourself — it’s what Blue Ivy would want, we also want you to remember to pick up some of these treats for your friends and loved ones.

We can all live for Beyoncé, there’s no need to be stingy.

From some Homecoming gift paper to wrap your presents in, to some hot sauce for your bag, dive into this ultimate Beyonce Gift guide.


Homecoming Wrapping Paper

Because presentation is key! Also, you can probably use this as wallpaper which we highly recommend.

$10 at

Image: Amazon.

Beyoncé Mug

For when you’re thirsty for the queen –or some coffee.

$13.99 at Amazon.

Image: Amazon.

Mini Tabasco Hot Sauce

We all need a bit of hot sauce in our bag–swag.

$9.33 (for 10) at Amazon.


Anything from the BeySearch Collection

Wearing Beyoncé’s face all over your body should be your life’s sole concern.

$40 -$170 at

Image: Shutterstock.

Beyoncé Prayer Candle

Because Beysus is the only President we worship.

$22.95 at Amazon

Image: Nailed By Cristy.

Beyoncé Nail Decals

Because you can’t slay without your nails being on point

$6.50 at Nailed by Cristy.

Image: Level.

Level Alkaline Bottle (16-oz.)

This is the water bottle that Bey uses. No other info needed.

$79.99 at Level Bottle

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