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Breaking up is hard enough, but ending a relationship becomes exponentially more difficult when kids come into the picture. And one recently-split Hollywood couple is reportedly in the midst of that very struggle — per the Mirror, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are battling over custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. Having split earlier in June, the parents are now faced with figuring out how to disentangle their lives without disrupting their little girl’s too much.

If Cooper and Shayk lived near each other, this conundrum might be easier to solve. However, according to the Mirror, the parents plan to make their permanent homes on opposite coasts. “Irina never felt at home in Los Angeles, particularly in their Pacific Palisades home because Brad’s mum lived there with them and that caused tension,” a source reportedly close to the former couple told the Mirror. As for Shayk, she would prefer to keep her New York City apartment. Clearly, this presents logistical problems for the pair.

Still, Cooper and Shayk are keeping what’s truly important in mind. “Lea’s welfare is at the forefront of discussions and, on the surface, they are trying to keep things civil for their daughter,” the Mirror’s source noted.

Things between the ex-couple certainly seemed amicable enough over Father’s Day weekend, when Cooper was spotted heading to Shayk’s house — not for a romantic rendezvous but, rather, to make the baby drop. Cooper had been spending time with Lea while Shayk was out of the country for work.

Admittedly, continued speculation surrounding Cooper and his A Star Is Born co-star Lady Gaga can’t be making the transition any easier. During awards season, when the film was on everyone’s mind, the chatter about Cooper and Gaga’s connection reached a fever pitch. “The movie had a major impact on Bradley and Irina’s relationship,” a source told Us Weekly earlier this month. “Even though there was nothing romantic between Bradley and Gaga, the noise was difficult for Irina to deal with.”

Just this week, Cooper and Gaga dominated headlines again with the suggestion that they would be reuniting in the wake of his breakup. In reality, they were reportedly going to play a set together at a music festival, but even that seems to have failed to materialize. Still, the reminder could have been enough to create additional undue tension between Cooper and Shayk during the already-difficult task of determining custody.

Since neither Cooper nor Shayk has commented on any sort of custody arrangement at this point, it goes without saying Mirror’s theory is simply speculative for the time being.

Originally posted on SheKnows.

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