Entertaining 101: How To Throw a Fashion Week Worthy Party Yourself

Leah Bourne

SANDRO KOPP "Mediated Presence: Skype Portraits & Animal Companions" Exhibition and Private Dinner with ISTANBUL'74We’ll come right out and admit it—we go to a lot of fashion parties—even more so lately considering that we are smack in the middle of New York Fashion Week. Something about a fashion party always seems so high gloss, and, honestly, so difficult to pull off.
With that in mind we sought out party planning expert Shai Tertner, the President of Shiraz Events, for his expert tips on emulating a fashion party ourselves. Tertner is a go-to in the fashion industry having pulled off events for brands including Jimmy Choo, Versace, and Tommy Hilfiger.
So take notes. Thanks to Tertner’s tips your party guests be wondering if they accidentally stumbled into a Chanel soirée.
1. Hire Models To Staff Your Parties. “Fashion brands like to use models to serve and bartend at their events, so call your local event model staffing agency and book yours,” Tertner advises.
“Your servers should be dressed in all black, straight front pants, no pleats, [and in a] fitted shirt and laced up black shoes with no buckle,” Tertner says. In other words, the details matter.
2. Go Minimal With Flowers. “[Place] one type of flower in a gold or chrome cylinder vase,” Tertner advises. “Most luxury fashion brands have a minimalist aesthetic and would ask their florist to not mix flowers but just use a white peony or a white garden rose in a vase. The arrangement should be done in a rounded dome style.”
3. Streamline Food. “The same aesthetic applies to what is served, so if you are passing a tray of drinks or appetizers, don’t mix it up—one type on a tray,” Tertner says.
4. Black and White Theme. “Black has always been the fashionable color, but black and white is very en vogue right now,” Tertner says. “Ask your guests to come dressed in black and white.”
5. DJs Know Best. “Music is a very important component,” Tertner says. “Go on the Shiraz Events Facebook page and download what fashion DJs created for us for the New Year, which is a great mix for background music.”

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