Engagement Rings: Who, What, Wear

Laurel Pinson

Whether we want to accept it or not, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Clearly, some star-sters were getting a jump-start on the holiday. Apparently, getting hitched during the holidays was all the rage in the celeb-o-sphere. With announcements being released these last couple of weeks, we’re not only envious, we’re dying to see the rock.

From understated rings to full-out bling, curiosity has definitely gotten the best of us, and we’re expecting you’re in the same boat. With that in mind, we hunted down pictures of some of the best bling around. Now, we’re wondering if any of their bridal showers will rival the baby showers from the likes of Phaedra or Miss Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Click through the slideshow above to check out the diamond studded engagements from this past holiday season!