Feel Free To Send These 2021 Engagement Ring Trends To Your S.O.

Jane Asher
Feel Free To Send These 2021 Engagement Ring Trends To Your S.O.
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If 2020 was the year of pregnancies, 2021 will be the year of engagements. Let’s be honest: there’s nothing like a pandemic, nation-wide protests and a stressful election season to help people realize what (and who) matters to them. As more and more folks opt to take that next step in life and settle down, it’s important they pay close attention to all the big engagement ring trends for 2021. Next year’s rocks are are all about classic shapes, dainty settings and keeping things simple—just like we wish life could be right now. *Sigh*

2021’s trends are all about keeping things classic, while still making the ring feel true to the bride’s personality every single time. Think traditional cuts in a bezel setting, colorful solitaire stones on a thin band or yellow and rose gold bands with platinum prongs to keep the diamond looking white and bright. The options and customizations are endless when it comes to choosing your perfect ring.

“Brides are opting for designs that are modern, personal and timeless,” says celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger, who recently designed a stunning engagement ring collection for Forevermark. “It is important the bride chooses a ring that is authentically them and symbolizes their commitment of forever.” Even as you follow the trends, be sure to make your engagement ring a reflection of your personality! After all, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

We spoke to a few diamond experts to see what shapes, colors and settings will be trending next year, so you can get a head start on imagining your dream ring, whether or not you’re in a relationship. We won’t tell! Oh, and if you are dating, feel free to send this article your partner’s way. You know, so they scroll through and keep your fave trends in mind.

With that, read on for the top engagement ring trends coming in hot for 2021 and take a peek at some of our favorite rings you can buy right now.

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1. Colorful Gems

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Courtesy of Blue Nile.

“2021 will be the year of colored stones,” says Forever Companies’ Bozmoski, “especially the integration of sapphire and emerald stones into more classic styles.” We’ll be channeling our inner Kate Middleton for this one.

2. Lab-Grown Diamonds

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of 12Fifteen.

“What happens when consumers do their own homework on diamonds? The high costs of mined diamonds, coupled with the environmental and ethical tolls of the ring, results in narrowed choice of styles and lower quality expectations,” explains Bozmoski. The solution? “Cue lab-grown diamonds,” she says.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical makeup and look of mined diamonds, but are *much* more affordable. 2021 will surely see an explosion in interest in this type of diamond.

3. Custom Creations

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Allurez.

Although classic cuts and styles will continue to trend next year, brides aren’t shying away from designing their perfect rings, customized to complement their personalities. “We predict a rise in customization and non-traditional styles through the new year,” reveals Bozmoski.

“Recently, we’ve seen a lot of couples choosing bold and unique bands in place of the traditional center stone engagement rings,” says Bozmoski. Really, the choice is yours—it’s all about making the design true to your personality!


4. Two-Tone Bands

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Ring Concierge.

Nicole Wegman, Founder of Ring Concierge & VOW by RC, says the gold band and platinum prong setting combo will continue to trend into 2021. “It’s the perfect pop of color and the platinum prongs prevent yellow from being reflected in the diamond,” she explains.

Forever Companies’ CMO, Brittany Bozmoski is also seeing a rise in colored bands, specifically rose gold, but agrees that platinum prongs are still the go-to, no matter the color of the band.

5. Solitaire Setting

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Ring Concierge.

Classic solitaires aren’t going anywhere in 2021. “The Whisper Thin is our most popular setting, which features a simple solitaire design—it keeps all the attention on the diamond,” says Wegman.

Erlanger agrees: “Brides are looking for clean delicate lines with minimalist settings that also incorporate a little bit of that extra sparkle.” Just because you’re going simple, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the bling!


6. Classic Cuts

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Forevermark.

Both Wegman and Erlanger agree that classic cuts like oval, emerald, and cushion will continue to trend into 2021, as brides are still interested in that timeless look. “A classic white diamond will always be in style,” says Erlanger.

7. Remote Try-Ons

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Ring Concierge.

One trend that’s brand new? “We’re seeing more and more couples work with us remotely, rather than in our showroom,” says Ring Concierge’s Wegman. “We’ve created a Home Try-On Program which allows you to try on replicas of your favorite engagement rings,” she explains, “You can find your dream ring without ever leaving home!” Efficient and safe, that’s the way we like our diamonds.


8. Elongated Cuts

STYLECASTER | engagement ring trends 2021

Courtesy of Diamond Nexus.

Bozmoski is also predicting a rise in popularity of the elongated shape, especially in cushion, oval and emerald cuts. Pro tip: An elongated shape will make the diamond look bigger, since even though it’s not as deep, there is more surface area.


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