Would You Pay For Half Your Engagement Ring? Some Women Are Chipping In For Their Bling

Meghan Blalock


We might just refer to this as the ultimate form of “going Dutch.” According to a recent informal poll on The Knot’s Facebook page, more and more women are giving their men financial help in the proposal area. In other words: ladies are forking over cash to pay for half (or more!) of their own engagement rings.

After the surprising poll results went live, many women took to the comments section to share their opinions. “We live in a generation where women work and are often breadwinners of the family,” one woman (accurately) observed. “So why should the man have to pay for a ring solely?” Another simply stated, “Welcome to the women’s rights movement, ladies, you’re only a few decades late.”

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There were those, of course, who are vehemently opposed to the idea. “I think this is a horrible as well as tacky idea. Ladies, that is the number one way to see what kind of man you are working with before you marry him and start a family.” Ouch!

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So we have to know what you think! Would you ever go Dutch on your engagement ring? Vote below! Then head over to The Knot to read the rest of the fascinating commentary being shared by readers, some of whom also delve into who should choose the ring.