20 Creative Engagement Gift Ideas from Etsy

Kristen Bousquet
20 Creative Engagement Gift Ideas from Etsy
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So, your good friend just got engaged. Exciting! What’s not so exciting: racking your brain trying to come up with an engagement gift that’s not super-generic.

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Instead of sticking to the snoozy wedding registry, which is often filled with household items that don’t hold any special meaning, it’s key to make your gift stand out by choosing something unique, personalized and creative. Etsy is one of the coolest places we know to find such items at prices that won’t make it difficult to also give a generous wedding gift, and hit the bachelorette weekend, too.

From personalized art prints to fun coffee mugs, finding engagement gifts that don’t take themselves too seriously but still send a heartfelt message can be a breeze on Etsy.

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Click through the gallery above and start shopping creative engagement gifts for your to-be-wed pals! 

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Stamped Table Settings Bride Groom; $25 at etsy.com

Custom Monogram Art Print; $24 at etsy.com

Engagement Gift Glasses 2 Etched Mason Jar Mugs; $24.50 at etsy.com

Personalized Hanger, Keepsake Quality; $35 at etsy.com

Set of 6 Personalized Wine Labels; $22.50 at etsy.com

Personalized Cutting Board; $34.95 at etsy.com

Wedding Date Necklace Personalized Engagement Gift; $42 at etsy.com

Wedding Chalkboard Countdown, "Days Until ... We Say I Do!"; $16.08 at etsy.com

Personalized Wedding Gift Print; $34.41 at etsy.com

Personalized Journal & Pencil Set for Couples; $10 at etsy.com

Saving for Honeymoon Jar; $4 at etsy.com

Bride to Be and Groom to Be Wedding Koozie Set; $16.50 at etsy.com

Gold Love Letters Necklace; $37 at etsy.com

Personalized Ceramic Beach Pail; $40 at etsy.com

Happily Ever After Print; $24 at etsy.com

Handcrafted Wedding Planner Bridal Journal Engagement Gift Gold Champagne; $45 at etsy.com

Love Never Fails Wedding Gift Set; $84 at etsy.com

Mr and Mrs Customized Coffee Mugs; $30 at etsy.com

Personalized Couples Engagement Gift Ring Holder; $25 at etsy.com

Heart Map Print; $48.75 at etsy.com

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