12 Energy Ball Recipes For A Healthy Treat You Can Also Throw At Your Partner

Jane Asher
12 Energy Ball Recipes For A Healthy Treat You Can Also Throw At Your Partner
Photo: Bright Eyed Baked, Fig & Olive Platter, Food Meanderings

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Now that we’re all holed up in our homes for the foreseeable future, we’re going to have to figure out new ways to entertain ourselves, and I have a feeling that even those who describe themselves as cooking-challenged will turn to the kitchen for fun activities. Baking and cooking are two great ways to take your mind off the news and focus on simple tasks—and if you aren’t exactly a top chef, consider these easy energy ball recipes an answer to your boredom-induced prayers. Yes, TV binge-watching and at-home workouts will help you pass the time, but these are mostly fruitless activities, and baking yields a tasty treat to enjoy after all your hard work. Bake alone for some quiet time, bake with your significant other as a bonding activity or bake with your BFF for some laughs.

Energy balls and bites are super easy to make, and often don’t even require baking. You can simply freeze and eat most of them! Plus, creating your “dough” and forming the balls is a fun activity that definitely helps pass the time. While there are certainly some recipes on this list that lean more towards dessert than breakfast (I might’ve thrown a dark chocolate bark in there, sue me!), most are fairly healthy snacks that will give you a boost of much-needed energy in sluggish times.

Oh, and if you’ve never fallen in love with energy balls before, trust that I’ve included a wide variety of flavors, from banana protein to sweet matcha to cherry chocolate. Scroll down to see our top picks, then round up the ingredients for your fave and get baking!

1. Chocolate Energy Bites with Dates & Peanuts

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | chocolate energy bites with dates & peanuts

Simple and Savory

Made with just dates, peanuts and cocoa powder, this recipe offers a quick solution for any snack cravings.

2. Prune Cocoa Energy Balls

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | prune cocoa energy balls

Dani’s Cookings

Don’t let the mention of prunes throw you off—these energy bites are healthy and delicious.

3. Banana Protein Balls

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | banana protein balls

Dine Magazine

These banana protein balls are the perfect post-workout snack to munch on.


4. No-Bake Matcha Balls

matcha energy bites


No time to hit up your fave matcha cafe? These no-bake balls take your matcha love to the next level.


5. Granola Energy Bites

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | granola energy bites

Fig & Olive Platter

Bored with your go-to granola bar? These granola energy bites are far more fun to make, and they taste even better.

6. Salted Dark Chocolate Energy Bark

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | salted dark chocolate energy bark

Laurenda Marie

Energy Bark is more or less just long, flat energy bites, right? Excuse me while I justify this salted dark chocolate energy bark—it’s just too good not to include.

7. No-Bake Almond Energy Bites

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | no-bake almond energy bites

Pies and Plots

How can just six ingredients yield endless deliciousness? Somehow, this recipe makes it possible.


8. No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Energy Balls

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | chocolate cherry energy bites

Food Meanderings

A little fruit goes a long way in this healthy, tangy recipe that tastes like a dessert.


9. Homemade Aussie Bites

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | Aussie bites

Karen Mangum Nutrition

Ever had Aussie bites before? This Costco-copycat recipe is sure to be a crowdpleaser in your home.


10. Seed Crackers

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | seed crackers


Again, crackers are basically just flat balls, people! This recipe uses four different seeds for a crunchy, energizing kick.


11. Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Energy Bites

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | no-bake dark chocolate and raspberry energy bites

The Produce Moms

Another quick, easy no-bake recipe, which means you can whip up this perfect snack in mere minutes.


12. Apricot & Coconut Date Balls

STYLECASTER | energy bite recipes | apricot and coconut date balls

Bright Eyed Baked

Gluten-free, vegan and made without refined sugar? OK, these balls are my new fave, hands down.