Netflix Fix: Watch the Original ‘Endless Love’ Now Before the Remake Hits Next Year

Megan Segura

In our series “Netflix Fix” we highlight what our editors are binge-watching over the weekend, whether it’s a season (or three) of a buzzy show, an obscure series you haven’t heard of (or haven’t thought about in years), or a full-length film or two, the aim is to inspire you to start watching also. Why? Not only will you likely discover some kick-ass entertainment, but also because we’ll need allies with which to geek out about our favorite shows and movies. Happy watching!

NETFLIXfix_EndlessLove (1)One thing is clear: 2014 is proving to be the year of the remake. We may have ended 2013 with “Carrie,” but soon revamps of classic ’80s films such as “About Last Night” and “Endless Love” will be hitting theaters. I’d never watched the original “Endless Love,” but the trailer for the new version piqued my interest.

The original film —which is an adaptation of a novel—came out in 1981 and stars Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt as Jade and David, two teens who fall in love for the first time. During their relationship, their feelings for each other are so strong that they end up destroying their lives in the process. Although the plot is, at times, extremely melodramatic, the sentiment is raw and relatable. Anyone who’s had a first love knows how overwhelming it can feel.

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Now that I’ve seen the original, I can see how the new movie will differ. The 2014 version has David —played by Alex Pettyfer— as a bad boy with a dangerous past. In the original version, David is the studious one with a bright future ahead of him. Also, in the original, Jade’s parents are open minded bohemians who have raised their daughter to think freely — a stark contrast to the newer version.

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Given the differences, I wonder why they even wanted to remake this movie, instead of create a new film altogether. It’s clear they are going after the teen audience, most of whom have never heard of the original movie. One good thing that might come out of it is motivating the younger crowd to see the original movie.

What 80s movies have you discovered on Netflix?