End of an Era: There Will Be No Kardashian Christmas Card This Year

Emily Kanoff

Like the dodo bird, poodle skirts, and BBMing on your Cingular phone, Kardashian Christmas Cards are now a thing of the past.

Kardashians 2013 Christmas Card

2013 Kardashian Christmas Card

Speaking with Glamour UK, Kim Kardashian revealed that her family’s annual Christmas card is a no-go this year. “We’re a little confused this year because we ran out of time,” she explained. Too busy posing fully nude in Paper Magazine? Too busy painting Hermes bags? Too busy making boatloads of money?  Whatever the case, it ain’t happening.

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“I think this is the first year that we’re not doing our card,” Kim explained. The tradition, one that’s been going on since before the family was world famous, capped off last year with a massive shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle.

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So does this mean we’re done with Kardashian family photos? HA!

“What we’re going to do is,” Kim continued. “At our Christmas party we have this amazing photo booth so we’re going to do like a compilation and do a New Year’s card. So we’re all going to get together at the beginning of the party and make sure that we all get photos together and do this whole thing.”

Great! So it has nothing to do with Bruce and Kris divorcing, or Rob shying away from the public or Kylie‘s ever-growing lips or Kanye West‘s too cool for reality TV attitude?

“Y’know, this one doesn’t want to be in it, this one does want to be in it, so who knows,” Kim continued. “So that’s kind of what we came up with, but we’re kind of sad, we just couldn’t get it together. And where is everyone?”

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Where is everyone, indeed.