This Was Bound to Happen: A Line of Emoji Jewelry Now Exists

Meghan Blalock

One of the most interesting things about living in the Digital Age is seeing how imagery that is so predominant in the digital realm translates to the real, physical world. Case in point: jewelry designer Jane Basch just created an entire line of necklaces with emoji charms. Check them out:



Emojis are one of the aspects of digital life that is most often replicated in real life—they were the subject of an entire art exhibit in New York last year. Perhaps because of their ubiquity, for some reason it makes sense to wear a smiley face or a kissy face around your neck—plus, Basch’s designs are all 14 or 22-karat gold or sterling silver, and the high-quality material ensures that they come across as more stylish-meets-kitsch than straight-up kitschy.

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Check out a few more of our favorite designs below, then head over to Basch’s store to shop the full collection! Prices start at $136.




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