Emmy Rossum’s Rules for Dressing Like You Have a Stylist

Leah Bourne
AMERICAN EXPRESS & UBER Launch Party in NYC Hosted by EMMY ROSSUM with a Performance by CHROMEO

Photo Courtesy of American Express/Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

Actress Emmy Rossum may not play the most glamourous character on her hit show Shameless, but off-set we can’t get enough of her personal style, whether she’s wearing skinny jeans and flats or dazzling on the red carpet in a metallic bias-cut Ralph Lauren gown.

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It turns out all of those best dressed lists she’s ended up on over the years, are in fact, owed to her—she doesn’t have a stylist for the simple reason that she loves picking out what she wears herself.

We caught up with Rossum at the launch party for American Express’ partnership with Uber, where she played host for the evening, and had to ask her for her top tips for having great style sans stylist. It turns out one of her biggest tricks is researching what to wear online. “Honestly, I probably spend 40 percent of my day [online]—on a computer, or on a gadget, or on a phone,” she told us, and loves looking for style inspiration everywhere from Style.com to Pinterest.

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Which is probably why her style tips don’t just work for celebs, they work for all women looking to up their style profile. And rest assured, even Rossum takes a break from dressing up in gowns and stilettos in her downtime. “I have been in New York all summer and I haven’t worn heels except to events,” she told us.

1. Get online and look for inspiration. 

“The next collection of resort is coming out right now, so I am on Style.com in the morning pinning things on my Pinterest page figuring out what things I like, and what I might like to wear in the next year,” Rossum told us. “Little secret: I have a private Pinterest page!”

2. Let the clothes shine. 

“I never try to do overdo accessories, and the hair and makeup,” Rossum shared. “Just try to find stuff that compliments. Sometimes I’ll Google what makeup will look good with a silver dress or what nail polish looks good with a green dress. I am always amazed by what people write about on the Internet. You can always find out what celebrities or models wore a red dress or how they wore their hair with a halter neck. I just try and figure it out as I go.”

3. Seek out and try new designers. 

“It’s like finding a new film at a film festival,” Rossum told us of her love of discovering new fashion talent. “I like to support designers that aren’t necessarily the cool ones yet. That is not uncool to me, that is cool to me.”

4. Looking for cool accessories on the cheap? Check out Etsy!

“I am a huge accessory shopper on Etsy,” Rossum shared. “I love hair accessories from Etsy and brooches from Etsy. It’s become too easy [to shop online]. My credit card is in all of those places. I only need to press OK and then it shows up at my door and then I get the bill and that’s the problem.”

5. Take a picture of yourself to see how you look!

Rossum stresses: “Take a photo! Everything looks different in a photo. And look at the proportions of what you are wearing when you do.”

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