Emmy Awards 2009 Red Carpet Hits and Misses


The New York Hilton and Towers hosted the 37th annual International Emmy Awards last night (not to be confused with the Daytime Emmy Awards) and the crowd was, well, pretty international (translation: a ton of actors and actresses who we’ve never heard of)…and then there was Moby. The highlight for us was clearly Alexa Chung (above) gracing the red carpet, donning an adorable one-shoulder frock that solidified our obsession for her, although we don’t need much persuasion when it comes to the MTV host. Read on for more of our red carpet hits from the night…and those who, well, missed the mark….by a mile.



There’s no question that designer Rachel Roy knows how to dress women, and she does a pretty great job dressing herself, too.


The perfect Prada holiday frock worn by Law and Order: SVU‘s Stephanie March; with the perfect shade of lipstick to match, no less.



Wearing winter whites may be a new trend this season, but french actress Emma de Caunes proves that not everyone can pull it off. And the no denim-on-denim rule? Yeah, that goes for fringe too.


We’re struggling to formulate words to describe how we feel about Carmen Soo‘s gown…but trust us, they’re not good. And…do we spy lip liner?


There’s something about Angel Locsin‘s gown that is dangerously reminiscent of Bjork’s swan-inspired (no wait, literal swan) dress from 2001. And when we say dangerous, we don’t mean dangerously sexy.

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