Emmanuelle Alt Out, Miss Piggy In At French Vogue

Kerry Pieri

In the best news we’ve heard since Lanvin did a diffusion line (has it been that long since the good news?), Miss Piggy is slated to play a French Vogue editor in a new flick debuting February 2012, according to Vogue UK. Those Muppets are so major.

I mean it’s pretty perfect, Miss Piggie is the fanciest, although presumably she’ll swap all that pink for some black leather and bold shouldered Balmain. ‘Moi?’ she’ll ask, as her tag word obviously insinuates she’s fluent in the francais. If Mademoiselle Piggy is the new Emmanuelle, then Animal is so the new Lindsay Lohan. In the flick, she has been admitted to a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management. Um, amazing. Adding it to my calendar right now.

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