Emmanuelle Alt Loves Topshop + 9 More Huge Insights (VIDEO)

Kerry Pieri

Hilary Alexander got the sickest interview ever and I’m jealous, but I can’t even dwell on that because the seasoned Londoner got Emmanuelle Alt talking in the English and I learned a lot, but mostly, I learned to love her. I’ve actually tried to watch interviews with Alt before but they were in French and I come up lacking in that particular romantic language, which made this less than three minute chat all the more amazing!

Below, in no particular order, 9 things we learned from the future EIC.

1. Her French accent is way cute.

2. Did Alt dream of her new title as Editor in Chief of French Vogue? Nope. “Not at all, I never thought about my future, I live like today,” she explains. How Sartre of her!

3. It’s not even that different, even! “I’m staying around but just in a new position,” she explains all humbly.

4. She’s rock and roll, but French Vogue won’t necessarily be: “This is how people describe it [my style], the magazine won’t be like that, like only rock and roll.”

5. Want to know what she’s wearing and her fave high street store? “Balmain jacket, vintage fur, Isabel Marant sweater and the jeans are Topshop. I love Topshop. When I am in London I put my stuff down and run to Topshop, they have the best jeans.”

6. Alt is super enthusiastic about fashion, in case you ever doubted her: “My first show was Jean Paul Gaultier when it was crazy outside. I was like 19 and I loved it, oh wow…I love fashion, it’s really fun, it’s fun to style and also I love working on a picture and inspiration. And I also love the life of the every day at the magazine.”

7. She will support young talent, if she can happen to find it. Alexander queried, “Do you go and see a lot of young designers?” Emmanuelle responded:” I try and I will try even more. I think it’s very important, big houses are always scouting for new names, I will try for sure.”

8. She’ll be at London Fashion Week, but no word on New York. Way to drop the ball on that one Hillary. (We kid!)

9. Things will change, but maybe not really: “French Vogue has a strong identity, some things will change because we have a different eye. It will be the same but different.”

Watch below for hard evidence that we will miss Carine, but we’re pretty psyched to see what Emmanuelle’s French Vogue will look like.