Emma Watson Is Seeing A New Mystery Man & We Have So Many Questions

Emma Watson
Photo: Getty Images.

Emma Watson has advocated time and time again for women’s rights, and among all the things she has championed, there is always a plain mission: women deserve to make their own choices. And yes, that includes their relationships! These Emma Watson & her new boyfriend kissing photos have us feeling so happy for the 29-year-old English actress—even if it officially means we can’t ship Dramione anymore.

This summer, Harry Potter fans were totally convinced that Tom Felton—who Draco Malfoy played opposite from Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in the film series—was dating Emma in real life. You see, it seemed like the pair were on holiday together in South Africa after Tom posted a series of photos on Instagram involving Emma.

One photo featured the two of them cozied up in pajamas and playing acoustic guitar: a vision of real homebody couple goals! And in a second photo, Tom sat on the beach in a tank top that read, “Women do it better,” all photo credits due to a “EW,” who we’ll assume was Emma herself (and who we also bet got him that shirt in the first place!) Dramione shippers did not hide their excitement, diving into the comments in full support of the pair with comments like, “❤️ Dramione is real! ❤️” Honestly, we get why. This is the next best thing to a Harry Potter universe date: A real life relationship between the actors (#Feltson, if you will!)

But while Dramione shippers were off getting excited that this was an official thing, it looks like Emma Watson had her sights set on another suitor. The Daily Mail received some photos of Emma and a new mystery man kissing after a lunch date, and said that Emma “couldn’t contain her passion for her handsome companion as she leaned in for a sweet kiss with him while taking a phone call.”

I mean, we see why. Hey, handsome!