Emma Watson is Making a Statement With Her ‘Regression’ Press Tour Wardrobe

Rebecca Suhrawardi
Emma Regression Regression Erdem

Photo, Getty Images

This weekend, actress Emma Watson embarked on a press tour in Madrid promoting her new film, “Regression.” But the mega-star of “Harry Potter” fame used the platform for more than just endorsing her movie. From wearing clothes by designers that don’t use fur to those who refuse to use environmentally harmful chemicals, she used her wardrobe to stand up for a fashion-related cause: advocating against unethical fashion.

“First day of Regression press off to an incredible start. Obsessed with this Ralph Lauren look made only better by the company’s long standing commitment to not use fur products,” Watson mused in an Instagram caption.


Inspired from watching the documentary, The True Cost by director Andrew Morgan (an in-depth expose of the dark world behind fast fashion), she said of her “Regression” tour fashion choices on Instagram: “We are thinking about all the people, pieces, and moving parts! This rack includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!” Hardly new to the humanitarian scene, her passion for social activism is also echoed in her role as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

“Emma Watson is consistently using her influence wisely across a range of issues, including now in fashion,” says Timo Rissanen, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design and Sustainability at Parsons. “Back in 2010, Suzy Amis Cameron was among the first to realize and use the power of the red carpet image to bring attention to the various environmental and social issues in fashion. Livia Firth has continued that work, with Watson now adding an invaluable voice.”

While Watson’s efforts are a step in the right direction, Rissanen reminds us that any industry-wide changes won’t exactly happen overnight. “Fast fashion won’t go anywhere fast,” he says. “Rather, it will evolve within the larger system of fashion, society and economics.”

So who are a few of the brands that made the “Regression” press tour? London-based womenswear designers Isa Arfen and Erdem, who produce their garments through vetted suppliers and manufacturers; NYC-based jeweler WWAKE, who uses destruction-free antiques, conflict-free stones and recycled gold whenever it’s possible; and shoe designer Paul Andrew, whose handmade shoes are crafted by artisans in Italy.

For a full breakdown of her socially conscious ensembles (and some major outfit inspo), head on over to Watson’s Instagram account.