Emma Watson Looks Gorgeous On The Cover Of W Magazine In Head-To-Toe Louis Vuitton

Meghan Blalock


In case there was any question, Emma Watson is all grown up—and W magazine is making sure we’re well aware. The star who rose to fame as Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” films wows on the cover of the fashion glossy’s June issue, in short (read: invisible) shorts, a floral-embellished blazer, jewelry, and belt, all courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Inside the magazine, Watson talks about her newest project, the Sofia Coppola-directed film “The Bling Ring,” which is based on a true story about a group of teenagers in 2009 Los Angeles who robbed the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Miranda Kerr (out June 14.) Watson plays Nicki, one of the ring’s main thieves, something which was certainly difficult for the 23-year-old British actress.

“I was really taking on a character,” Watson said. “Some of her lines are so crazy and absurd—making sure she wasn’t a parody was a challenge. I was dying to play her.”

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Emma in a Chanel dress, Marc Jacobs gloves, and Wolford tights.

Watson also told W that the film’s wardrobe was a big part of getting into character. “The iconic detail of Nicki is her tramp stamp,” Watson admits. “It’s a lotus flower, a Buddhist-like symbol just above her butt crack. Really classy! And at one point I told the costume designer, ‘You can see my bra strap in this top; shouldn’t we pin it?’ And she said, ‘No, sweetie—Nicki is all about her bra strap showing.'”

Emma also reveals that in her own real life, she wanted to wear a sports bra until she was 22, because “The allure of being sexy never really held any excitement for me. I’ve never been in a terrible rush to be seen as a woman.”

One look at the photos above, and it’s probably safe to say it’s too late for that now. 

Head over to wmagazine.com to read more of Emma’s interview!

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