Emma Watson: College Drop Out? Chanel in the Red

Kerry Pieri

I am an advocate of alleviating the afternoon slump. Consider this the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte… only stronger.


Lily Allen is getting her wedding dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld, even though she’s not even really that famous anymore. Karl’s so nice. (Elle UK)

Kanye West is not, per reports, going to be going to fashion school at Central Saint Martins, or anywhere else for that matter. (Vogue UK)

Haider Ackerman has an awesome boss. The backer for his signature label, Anne Chapelle, confirmed that he’s contractually free to work elsewhere: “I would be very proud and would continue to support him and be a mentor in the mind. (Fashionologie)

Emma Watson, college drop out? Maybe, but not necessarily. The actress is taking a leave of absence from Brown to do some acting. (Teen Vogue)

RT @peoplesrev [Kelly Cutrone] Oh really – well now – on your profile page u are asking people to have u raise money for a cure – and now you want to take your yappy inexperienced mouth and dis me and homeless people on twitter – babe get out yoir dictionary and look up minimalism and antwerp oh and while you are at it – stop trashing homeless people you stupid little brat aRT @awoolls82: @saranissi I don’t know why anyone would dress like Kelly Cutrone. She always looks homeless. Oh, snap, do not mess with Kelly. Didn’t you watch Kell on Earth?

RT @DetailsPaul [Paul Francis Avarali] Mom: Im giving up shopping for lent. Me: I know, but what about my furniture? Mom: Oh, I can still shop for other people #genius #Cuteness

RT @jimshi809 Jim Shi How cute is this shrunken #Chanel tweed cardi??? #pfw https://twitpic.com/47k99b That was rhetorical, right?

RT @AggyDeyn Agyness Deyn Please retweet marathon link! 26miles for oxfam! I would love your support!!!! Now she runs marathons for charity too?

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