Links to Click: Emma Stone Covers Vogue, Terry Richardson’s New Scandal

Sarah Barnes
Photo: VOGUE/Craig McDean

Photo: VOGUE/Craig McDean

Take an afternoon break and check out today’s buzzy stories circulating around the web. Read on for links you must click now!

1. The latest in Terry Richardson scandals: after allegations surfaced suggesting that the fashion photographer offered model, Emma Appleton a “Vogue” shoot in exchange for sex, the model has now taken to Instagram releasing this statement. [Instagram]

2. In addition to being Vogue’s first Post-Kimye cover star, Emma Stone is starring in a new Vogue Original Short, written and directed by Ruben Fleischer. [Vogue]

3. The White House has spoken! Justin Bieber’s deportation petition finally gets a response from the powers that be. [The White House]

4. These 25 thoughts every beauty junkie has while shopping at Sephora hit way too close to home. [Beauty High]

5. No shampoo for 5 years? Meet the woman whose hair became healthier when she stopped washing it. [Little Owl Crunchy Momma]

6. Stop everything you’re doing! — Saks Fifth Avenue’s friends and family sale features 35% off through April 28. [Saks Fifth Avenue]

7. Chef Bart Vandaele shares some of his top tips on what food to pair with beer. [The Vivant]

8. When it comes to looking younger, your hairstyle has more to do with it than you think. Here are 10 celebrity hairstyles to inspire your next cut that will take years off your look. [Daily Makeover]

9. Wait, what!? This 16-year-old California runway survived a flight from CA to Maui in a jet’s wheel well. [KITV]