How to Re-Create Emma Stone’s Beyond-Pretty, Flower-Braided Hair

Emma Stone
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

Fall marks the bloom of roses—at least, on Emma Stone’s hair. The 29-year-old actor turned heads on Friday when she attended the premiere of her new film, The Favourite, in New York City. But it wasn’t Stone’s dress or her best friend Taylor Swift’s attendance that made people talk. It was her flower-braided hair, courtesy of her hairstylist, Mara Roszak.

For the red carpet, Roszak, who has worked with stars such as Michelle Dockery and Cara Delevingne, curled Stone’s hair in soft, romantic waves before stringing a thin wire with fresh red roses through the actor’s signature red locks. “I went to the flower shop, and I bought these little roses with little coloring stripes through it and she loved those,” Roszak tells StyleCaster. “I got a few different options for colors and we both chose the little red ones. I ended up roping these tiny bud roses all throughout her hair, so some of them were kind of dangling through her hair.”

As for where the idea came from, Roszak was inspired by Stone’s role in The Favourite, an 18th-century-set film in which the actor plays Duchess of Marlborough, Sarah Churchill,  one of Queen Anne’s closest friends. “The movie was always the inspiration. It takes place in a era that was elaborate and fancy. We wanted to have fun with this look while still being poised and sophisticated,” Roszak said.

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Emma Stone

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

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But Roszak really breaks down the look best herself. Check out her how-to below.

  1. Start with a beautiful blow out. I like to add a Leave in Treatment to the mid lengths and  ends of the hair because it gives a brightening glow and healthy strong hair. Apply Joico’s KPAK Color Therapy Multi Perfector Spray on damp towel dried hair. It will give you soft and tangle free hair.
  2. Next, I used a volume foam on the roots of her hair just before we start the blow dry. I used Joico’s Power Whip Foam. I used a medium round brush twisting the brush to get a smooth look to the hair creating a great base for the style.
  3. Then at this point I like to create a soft shield with Joico’s Humidity Blocker before curling the hair, this has a soft hold and locks out humidity.
  4. I used two types of curling irons I used the 1 inch for the top section of her hair and 1.25  curling iron only for underneath her hair. This creates softer-looking waves with a variance in texture.
  5. So after curling, I used a texture spray for volume, Joico’s Body Shake texture spray, then I took one side with less hair to get the hair off her back and pinned it up to create a little bit of detail on one side of her ear. So I pinned that back with some bobby pins and that’s when I cut some roses, leaving half inch of stem on each one, and then I wrapped them with a thin brown-colored hair wire – You can get these at any craft store, but I used these Japanese bobby pins but any kind of little wire works too. The bobby pin is just there to secure the flower to hair I pinned back a portion of her hair behind her ear with bobby pins. I then left 1/2 inch of at on each flower and wrapped them around the bobby pins.
  6. I then finished the end result with the Joico’s Power Spray.