Emma Stone Is Not Even Recognizable As Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone
Photo: Stefania D'Alessandro/WireImage.

What’s black and white and punk rock all over? The first look photo of Emma Stone as Curella De Vil in Disney’s Cruella movie, that’s what. After years of admittedly not-so-patient waiting on our part, we’re all finally getting to see what it looks like in a 101 Dalmatians‘ world with Stone as the iconic (or should we say monochromatic?) villain. And, let it be said, the seemingly endless anticipation seems worth it looking at this decidedly dark-glam sneak peek.

Stone herself appeared in a video message at Saturday’s D23 to debut the first look of her titular character in Disney’s live-action adaptation. If you’ve been having a hard time visualizing Stone as the dalmatian-obsessed madwoman, the photo unveiled by Stone will undoubtedly help you build a bit more of a narrative in your mind. What jumps out most, arguably, is the fact that the picture anchors the new movie in 1970’s London.

As for Stone inhabiting the character, her look is a whole mood, honey. She’s high-fashion with a hint of ferocity. The classic duo-tone hair is there, naturally, but even that feels elevated. Who is this Cruella? What sort of glamorous life does she lead? Stone’s icy stare makes us all the more curious to find out, especially since Emma Thompson has been cast opposite Stone.

Unfortunately, we’ve still got quite a way to go before we can pile into the theater (dressed head-to-toe in black and white, no doubt). Although Cruella‘s original release date was Christmas 2020, it was recently pushed back to May 28, 2021.

Originally posted on SheKnows.