Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Reportedly Back Together

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Reportedly Back Together
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After witnessing the devastating breakup of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt earlier this summer, we thought we—and the entirety of Hollywood—would never love again. However, after weeks of darkness, there seems to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. That’s because—drumroll, please—rumor has it that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are back on.

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After two years apart, the couple—who met on the set of “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 2012 and dated until October 2015—are reportedly back together. According to The Sun, the actors, who have remained friends for the entirety of their breakup, are slowly easing back into a romantic relationship.

“Andrew’s feelings for Emma never softened and now they are growing close once again,” a source for The Sun said. “They have even been sneaking out of the back door holding hands.”

Along with trying to stay out of the limelight, another thing slowing the actors’ relationship down is scheduling. Currently, Stone is in New York City filming her Netflix show, “Maniac,” while her rumored beau is across the Atlantic in London. However, according to The Sun, the exes are doing their best to find time to see each other.

“Emma spent some time in the U.K. earlier in the year shooting her new film ‘The Favorite,’ but made a further trip to ­London when they have reconnected,” the source said. “There is a lot of history between them but they are both so busy. At the moment they are just seeing what happens.”

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But, before all of the Stonefield fans out there get too excited (that’s Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield, in case you’re not in the loop) we need to lay down a fact: The Sun isn’t always the most reliable source when it comes to celebrity gossip, so it’s important to take what it says with a grain of salt. This isn’t the first time Stone and Garfield have seen reunion rumors either.

In December 2016, Garfield fueled the talk when he admitted he “loves” Stone in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. A few months later, during the awards circuit, the couple kept the rumors alive when they would congratulate each other on their accomplishments. At the Golden Globes in January, Garfield was the first to give Stone a standing ovation. The rumors reached a peak in in February when Stone and Garfield were photographed hugging at a pre-BAFTAs party, which spurred another one of The Sun‘s “sources” to predict a reunion.

“As soon as Andrew finished his meal he made a beeline for her and gave her a huge hug. They chatted and laughed for at least half an hour,” the source said at the time. “They looked very animated and happy to be together.”

A quick hug between exes probably means nothing. As to the new rumors—nothing is officially until we hear it from Stone and Garfield themselves. Even if the pair aren’t back together, at least we can see them as living proof that exes can indeed remain friends after a breakup.