Emily Ratajkowski Claps Back at TV Host Who Claimed Her Topless Photos Aren’t Feminist

Emily Ratajkowski Claps Back at TV Host Who Claimed Her Topless Photos Aren’t Feminist
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Emily Ratajkowski isn’t about to let a man tell her when she can and can’t take topless photos. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old model shut down British television host, Piers Morgan, who slut-shamed her and claimed that her topless photos and sexy videos aren’t feminist.

The 52-year-old host shamed Ratajkowski on Wednesday’s episode of “Good Morning Britain,” where he took aim at her sexy Instagram posts and her recent video for LOVE magazine‘s 2017 advent calendar, in which she writhed around in oily spaghetti while wearing lingerie.

Morgan compared Ratajkowski to Taylor Swift, who he suggested was the pinnacle of feminism because of her lack of topless photos and disinterest in sexy videos. Morgan also slammed those who criticize Swift’s feminist stance for not speaking out on politics.

“Take Taylor Swift who never does any of this stuff. She’s the No. 1 pop star in the world, never does topless selfies, never seen writhing in spaghetti and the sisterhood, the feminists, hate her,” Morgan said. “Taylor Swift conducts herself perfectly in my view and took a view not to talk about politics or say who she votes for and the sisterhood have come for her. Emily, writhing in spaghetti, she’s what it’s all about. Women, sort it out. We are confused.”

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After catching wind of Morgan’s statements, Ratajkowski took to Twitter to slam the host over his definition of “feminism.” She called out Morgan for policing women’s bodies and lambasted his act as “classic sexism.” Ratajkowski also explained that sexy photoshoots and political opinions aren’t mutually exclusive.

In addition to her initial tweet, Ratajkowski released a statement on how she’s been frequently told that it’s her “responsibility” to dress more “modest” and adjust herself for the comfort of men. She blasted the stigma and explained that feminism “isn’t about adjusting,” but “about freedom and choice.” Ratajkowski also pinned a tweet reading, “women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies.”

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We’re so here for Ratajkowski’s epic shut down of Morgan and no-holds-barred reaction to his blatant sexism. Keeping on keeping on, EmRata.