Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Body-Shamed for a Photo of Her Ribs Showing

Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Body-Shamed for a Photo of Her Ribs Showing
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Another day, another celebrity who has to deal with nasty Internet trolls. This time, the victim is Emily Ratajkowski who is weathering the wrath of slimy body-shamers for posting a photo of her ribs showing on Instagram. (No amount of SMHs can express how we feel toward body-shamers.)

The 26-year-old is coming under fire for promoting an “unhealthy” body type after she shared two paparazzi shots of her wearing a black string bikini to the beach, where critics thought she looked unnaturally thin. “When paps provide instagrams 👌🏽,” Ratajkowski captioned the picture.

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The shamers mainly pointed to Ratajkowski’s ribs, which appeared to be protruding in a photo of her twisting her body to fix her bikini bottoms. The critics also evidenced the supermodel’s clavicles, which were apparent in a shot of her bending forward.

“Please remember that this is NOT a standard for body types and being so thin that you can see your ribs and bones is not a healthy thing to strive for, nor do I believe it should be celebrated. Please stay safe and be healthy people x” one commented.

“Whats wrong with her ribcage? Soooo weird” another added.

“I rlly hope girls don’t inspire to look like this, because this is absolutely unhealthy ):” someone else wrote.

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Credit: Instagram | @emrata

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Regardless what you think of Ratajkowski’s pictures, body-shaming is never OK. Ratajkowski’s body is hers and her business only. Plus, she likely knows what’s best for it more than anonymous commenters on the Internet. That being said, Ratajkowski’s body type—or any body type other than your own, really—is not something to aspire to be, either. Healthy looks different on everyone’s body—ribs showing or not. All you can do is stay true to yours and not feed into the body-shamers.