Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Body-Shamed for Her Weight and Belly Button

Emily Ratajkowski
Photo: Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski is not shy about showing off her body. A scroll through her Instagram will reveal bathtub photos, hands covering a fraction of her breasts, and her just-married husband applying oil on her bottom.

But yesterday, the 26-year-old posted an Instagram that appeared to be more subdued than the most. It also elicited an unreal amount of thin-shaming and, oddly enough, belly-button-shaming. (We didn’t know it was a real thing either.) In the photo, Ratajkowski posed for the camera wearing teal, old-school Adidas track pants and a red crop top that left all of her torso exposed.

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Since her stomach was the highlight of the photo, commenters took it upon themselves to weigh in on Ratajkowski’s actual weight. Most of the comments were simple and to the point like “Eat much more” and “Eat.” However, others gave an exact idea of how they would prefer her to look, “you are very very beautiful but maybe whit 2kg more you will be great!!” Some even recommended what she should eat “Cute hun, as always. But for the love of god, EAT!!! Something, anything, just so long as outs real food. Not kale chips..”

But before we could call out people for, yet again, feeling the need to comment on someone else’s body, health, and eating practices, we saw even more people ragging on Ratajkowski’s body—this time, for her belly button .It seemed like for every thin-shammer, there were three trolls who made fun of her belly button. Some of the comments include:

“Belly button only flaw I see on her.”

“her belly button makes me feel sick”, 

“The only one thing I don’t like is her umbilicus.”

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Seriously, all we ask is, “How does a belly button make you feel sick?” It makes no sense to pick apart a body all the way down to something so uncontrollable as a belly button. Unfortunately, it looks like people will constantly feel entitled to remark on someone’s body, especially if that someone is a celebrity.

As much as these stories can seem ridiculous (because they are! Who foot shames?!), reporting about weight, or any other kind of shaming, highlights how unnecessary it is to blindly comment, belittle, and disrespect someone based on their body alone. It’s time to do something else with our time instead of using it to criticize people. 

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