People Tell Emily Ratajkowski to ‘Eat More’ After This Bikini Selfie

People Tell Emily Ratajkowski to ‘Eat More’ After This Bikini Selfie
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Emily Ratajkowski is the latest target of Instagram body-shaming. A month after she was criticized for her ribs protruding in a photo, the 26-year-old model is under fire again by judgmental Instagram trolls who deem her body “too skinny.” Shocker, right?

The onslaught began after Ratajkowski posted an Instagram on Thursday of her posing in a skimpy red bikini while holding a sprig of wild yellow flowers. “Labor Day starts early,” she captioned the shot. She was also criticized for another photo she posted that day, which showed her ribs while she lounged outside in a bikini.

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Labor Day starts early

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After posting the photos, the “Gone Girl” star was immediately slammed for her thin physique, with critics telling her to “eat more” and claiming that she was promoting an unhealthy body standard—a few of the choice remarks are sampled below.

“Gain a few pounds please!!”

“I find it a little unsettling the way that rib is poking out in the right corner of the pic.”

“You look emaciated. Sorry to say that.”

“Emily… you are a beautiful woman. However, you are way too thin. You look sick. You need 15 lbs on your little body.”

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Ratajkowski has never addressed body-shamers head-on, but she has spoken about how much she eats and says her diet is indeed healthy. In an August interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the model admitted that she’s “someone who eats—a lot. You should see my refrigerator. It’s insane. I have a relationship with Postmates. It’s basically Indian food and Thai food, preferably when I’m horizontal in bed. I’ve had people come over and watch me eat and then say, ‘I’ve lost all respect for you.’”

While we’re happy to hear that Ratajkowski seems to have a healthy relationship with food, what’s more important to note is that it’s no one’s damn business. When it comes to body bullying, skinny-shaming is just as bad as fat-shaming, in our book. Remarking negatively on a woman’s ribs being visible is no less acceptable than hating on someone’s cellulite.

And although it might not be realistic to expect anonymous Instagram bullies to stop their destructive behavior, the least we can do is call it out for the BS it is and let them know that they—and their uninformed, unwelcome opinions—can take a hike.