Emily Oberg

Emily Oberg Style Profile

@emilyelaineoberg (Photo: Melodie Jeng)

Emily Oberg is a mega multi-hyphenate. She’s the founder of normcore-cool clothing label Sporty & Rich, which also now has a magazine under the same name. She has a desk job at Complex, where she acts as an editorial producer. And in her spare time, the Calgary native, who moved to New York City just over a year ago, is a painter and DJ. In between working on her new magazine and a Supreme documentary, she took a few minutes to talk to us about the creative forces that drive her work and her style.

Who or what inspires your style?
My style icons are Jerry Seinfeld, ’90s sportswear ads, and ladies like Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney, and Hannah MacGibbon. I like sporty, timeless pieces with hints of Americana. I love suits with sneakers, or a nice silk dress with sneakers. I love the high-low mix with sportswear.

Where do you like to shop in the city?
I love vintage; all my denim is vintage (except one pair of Acne jeans). I love to go to Stella Dallas and Gentry in Brooklyn, for men’s pieces. For a basic T-shirt, Modell’s is my spot. I also love the Canadian brand Aritzia.

What area of the city do you find to be most interesting, style-wise?
I’ve always lived in Brooklyn, but it’s too hipster and not really my thing when it comes to the fashion. I love the Upper West Side because even when people are dressed down, they are still wearing a Rolex and carrying like a Louis Vuitton handbag.

What are you working on at the moment?
I started the Sporty & Rich brand a year ago, and then I decided to do a magazine. I’m also working on a documentary on Supreme resellers. I have been covering them for a while now, and I sort of decided there was an interesting story here. They are such a crazy group. Every Thursday, they know there’s going to be a new shipment, and they’re there in line waiting.