Emanuel Ungaro: 2009 Marks the Season of Lohan


Emanuel Ungaro is recognized for its Parisian elegance and couture construction; however this season, thanks to Lindsay Lohan, the line will be noted for its heart-shaped nipple pasties, hearts glued on models’ foreheads, and Asian-inspired silhouettes.

The couture collection has been losing profits for years, and we are pretty sure the Spring 2010 collection will hinder, rather than help the line’s success. The only reason the line might sell is because Lindsay’s name was attached, and at a hefty price tag might we add. (Lindsay’s design inspiration cost the label millions of dollars.) Estrella Archs, who designed with Lohan, told WWD, that “the collection had to be designed very quickly.”, still no one is excepting that as a valid excuse.

Editors from Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, and Elle were all in attendance; however, they gave the show a golf clap and scurried out the door as soon as humanly possible; not a good sign. Buyers from Bloomingdales and Bergdorf’s were also sitting front row and told the NY Times that they were shocked at the collection.

Here’s a look at the Lindsay Lohan-designed Ungaro collection:


We’re pretty positive that the only people who will be picking up a pair of these heart-shaped nipple pasties will be Lady Gaga and Lil’ Kim.


The newest trend in head pieces? We don’t think so.


This band bra showed up numerous times throughout the show in a variety of colors, and, to be honest, we’ll be sticking with the American Apparel version that doesn’t include the tacky heart appliqué.


Okay, so even though Linsday is no Justin Timberlake, Mary Kate and Ashley, or Gwen Stefani (all of whom have lines that we adore), she did send one look down the runway that we thought was actually acceptable.