Elvis Zodiac Sign: The Astrology Behind The Man Known As The King Of Rock N’ Roll

Elvis Zodiac Sign: The Astrology Behind The Man Known As The King Of Rock N’ Roll
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If there’s one thing an astrologer could ponder for hours, it would be Elvis Presley’s zodiac sign and birth chart. After all, he *is* a rock n’ roll legend and his enduring influence is the very essence of Americana. And, with the release of a new biopic about his life—Elvis (2022)— the astrology behind the the man who basically invented the pompadour is worth taking a look at. As history shows, there’s always a different side to someone on and off the stage.

Unsurprisingly, he was a total teddy bear and a charming, empathetic person, according to his natal chart. Elvis Presley was Born on January 8, 1935 at 4:35 a.m. in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis was destined to embody the fullest extent of celebrity stardom and fated to leave an indelible mark on the world. Based on this birthdate, Elvis was born under a Capricorn sun sign. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because he’s also a Sagittarius rising sign and a Pisces moon.

With his sun in determined and disciplined Capricorn, Elvis was an extremely hard-working person who was born ambitious and meant to attain wealth. It was important for him to gain a certain level of material and financial success, and it’s all due to his earthy sun sign. This is something we can attest to from his personal effects, his ostentatious 13-acre Graceland estate and his signature brand of glamorous and over-the-top stage costumes.

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Elvis Presley Was A Capricorn

However, while a Capricorn likes to work hard, they he also like to play hard too. This is spot on for Elvis, who we all know indulged in a luxurious culture of sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Although he had a serious demeanor and a sharp business acumen that many saw when it came to his career and his assets, there’s always more than meets the eye. Aside from his affluence, there was another side to him that the public saw and adored. Aside from his irresistible celebrity presence—seriously, everyone was swooning over Elvis during the 50’s and 60’s—the public could tell the “Suspicious Minds”-singer was a sensitive soul!

His Capricorn sun is sitting in his second house of stability and money, which meant that he was always on a mission to feel secure and well-connected in his lifetime. Money and fame were extremely important to him, and he based his confidence on how much he could provide and the possessions he owned during his life.

In his birth chart, he also had a lot of planetary connections to his sun, making healing his ego a central theme of his time here on Earth. His sun sign is forming a conjunction with Mercury—planet of cleverness and communication—which means he had a playful attitude and an extremely silly, yet eloquent sense of humor. With dreamt Neptune and larger-than-life Jupiter harmonizing with his sun sign, It added a certain charm to his persona. Rest assured, Elvis was the epitome of a Southern gentleman. Unfortunately, he also had combative Mars squaring off with his sun, which means he was lacking faith in his power and trust in his self-worth. Argumentative at times to those he loves, defensiveness was likely his way of hiding his true self and shielding his feelings.

His Pisces moon was feeling the weight of his Saturn—planet of maturity and responsibility—which means that he was very introspective and hard on himself.

The birth chart of Elvis reveals that his rising sign—AKA the window to the soul—is in Sagittarius. This depicts someone who is spirited, generous and adventurous; someone you could watch and listen to for hours. And if there’s one thing that is known about Elvis, it’s that he harnessed his innovative instincts to revolutionize dance. He created moves that were way ahead of his time! By thrusting his hips—which is the body part ruled by a Sagittarius—he made millions of women crush on his iconic movements, becoming a role model that many looked up to. However, Sagittarius risings can also be quite self-indulgent, never knowing when to put a stopper to the festivities and call it a night.

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Why Was He So Irresistible?

Elvis‘s moon was in magical and tenderhearted Pisces. Because his moon sign was in his third house of communication, he was able to articulately express his emotions with those he cared about. And if you were the object of his desire, he’d likely share many honeyed words with you. A romantic to his core, the lyrics to his songs are poetry that came directly from his soul. He truly was a Casanova and a ladies man, because he could truly hypnotize you with way with his words, and also, the voice he sang them with.

Being a Pisces moon makes you an incredibly intuitive person; someone with elevated sensitivities and psychic abilities. Elvis probably trusted his gut and listened to his heart when making a lot of major life decisions and judgments about the people he spent time with. However, because Pisces is known for believing in fantasies rather than realities, he might have made more promises than he could keep. His Pisces moon was feeling the weight of his Saturn—planet of maturity and responsibility—which means that he was very introspective as well; possibly even hard on himself. In his birth chart, there’s evidence that Elvis probably couldn’t enjoy his childhood to the fullest, as he had to quickly grow up and take care of his family, even though he was still a child. One of his main goals in life was to appease his relatives and make them proud. However, trauma from growing up too fast would eventually lend itself to the darker aspects of his personality.

Make no mistake—Elvis was very sensitive, which means that his time in the earthly world was especially hard on him, as he felt constricted by the pressures of his mortal coil. However, one cannot ignore the vibrant and beautiful soul that his birth chart says he was. And although his legacy is complex (and even controversial), it can’t be denied that his artistic legacy has remained as profound as it is for a reason.

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