Elsa Hosk’s Tokyo Street Style Is Radiating Spring Vibes, and I Am Here for It

Maggie Griswold
Elsa Hosk’s Tokyo Street Style Is Radiating Spring Vibes, and I Am Here for It
Photo: Getty Images.

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Because most of us sit here still freezing our buns off, we’re not really thinking of incorporating spring garb into our wardrobes just yet. It’s hard to break from the all-black and neutral aesthetic we’ve grown accustomed to in the cold weather, but, according to Elsa Hosk, this is another way. Elsa Hosk’s latest Instagram street style has just proven to us all that you can stay nice and cozy while also giving off the springiest of vibes.

Sure, maybe the model’s look isn’t necessarily perfect for 30 degrees and below, but it’ll do on a chilly day when the snow has yet to hit. Wearing a gorgeous light green matching set and light blue jacket, Elsa Hosk is bringing us all the best parts about spring—in the dead of winter. The green reminds me of picnics in the park, sitting in the soft grass and not worrying about the sun going down at 4 PM. The light blue looks like the perfect spring sky—clear and beautiful. Maybe I’m just longing for some warm weather right now, or maybe that’s just the power of Elsa Hosk’s Tokyo outfit. The world may never know.

Of course, what’s a trip to Tokyo without your pals? Elsa Hosk and other celebs have been traveling Tokyo with Revolve, and all the outfits have been *chef’s kiss.* Hosk even made khakis look sartorially acceptable (and spring-y!), which is a major accomplishment in my book. Paired with a pink collared top and brown jacket, the model once again brought the air of spring into the middle of winter. Applause all around.

It can’t all be pastels and warm vibes, though. Elsa Hosk’s wintry ensemble from the Tokyo trip is definitely not meant for spring, but it’s a stunning look nonetheless. When I grow up, I want to be Elsa Hosk—or at least have her closet.