Elsa Hosk Is Being Called ‘Way Too Skinny’ in This Nude Instagram Photo

Elsa Hosk Is Being Called ‘Way Too Skinny’ in This Nude Instagram Photo
Photo: Getty Images

Another day, another celebrity is being body-shamed on the internet. This time, critics are focusing their attention on Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk, who is being called “way too skinny” in a nude Instagram photo.

On Wednesday, the 29-year-old model shared a stunning mirror selfie of her posing on the edge of a bed sans any clothes. The picture showed Hosk covering her breasts with her hand while she took a head-to-toe snap of her nude figure. “R u sleeping?” she wrote in the caption.

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The picture was innocent enough and not unlike the many nude selfies celebrities share on Instagram. Yet, that didn’t stop the body-shamers from coming down hard on Hosk’s figure. After Hosk posted the picture, a heated debate about her body began in the Instagram comments, with many trolls accusing her of looking “sick” and “too skinny.”

Some speculated that Hosk was suffering from an eating disorder, while one user accused her of photoshopping her already-thin body to look even slimmer. A few of the comments included:

“So anorexic.”

“Way too skinny :/”

“if yall call this healthy I prefer to be sick my whole life 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️”

“You’re absolutely perfect the way you are. It’s a sad sad world when someone such as yourself who is very lean and fit still feels the need to make herself thinner in photos.”

“You need to eat some food 💀💀”

“You look so bony. 😕”

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Though there were several vocal body-shamers in Hosk’s comments, a majority of her followers stood up for her and defended her against the inane assumptions about her health. Many told off the body-shamers by claiming that Hosk is healthy and naturally thin, and that no one can assume her health based on her appearance. Others slammed those who speculated that she was battling anorexia and asked for their medical license to make such an assumption.

“Since when did you diagnose anorexia? Are you a doctor? Please go into vsangeldefeders account and bring up what is written about people like you,” one user wrote. “Naturally skinny yes, anorexic no! What is it when you label someone anorexic, when they are clearly not, then?”

Hosk’s fans are right. It’s impossible to assume someone’s health based on a single picture. Hosk knows her body better than anyone, and she definitely knows her body better than anonymous trolls on the internet. Whether someone’s “too big” or “too small,” it’s still body-shaming. So for the last time, let’s stop criticizing other people’s bodies.