Elliott Bisnow’s Insider Advice: A Must-Watch Video For Fashion Savvy Entrepreneurs

Kerry Pieri

We know all you fashion savvy StyleCasters are destined for big things but for those of you who dream of starting your own clothing line or fashion business in the near future, it’s time to look past fashion faces exclusively for guidance. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Elliott Bisnow is your man. And for someone who’s barely reached the age where a quarter life crisis might be in order, Bisnow is both an example of and a provider of means to achieving successful entrepreneurship.

The brains and business savvy behind the Summit Series, this D.C. native has made it his job to intro those behind start-ups to kings of business including the likes of Marc Cuban and Russell Simmons with public figures like Bill Clinton and all in happy locales ranging from Miami to Aspen. “I want to give people a chance to connect and inspire each other,” Bisnow says. Find out what he thinks makes our generation unique and why the new model for business is the best model for business.

Stay tuned for Elliott Bisnow Part II to go live, and don’t forget to catch up on other sources of inspiration from hat designer Eugenia Kim and jazz phenom Eric Lewis in our Stay Extraordinary video series.

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