Ellen DeGeneres Will Host The 2014 Oscars

Valeria Nekhim

Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter today to announce she’ll be hosting the 2014 Academy Awards. DeGeneres will reprise the role she held back in 2007, where her safe, but charming performance was met with generally decent reviews.

The choice to have Ellen host marks a departure from last year’s decidedly more polarizing host, Seth MacFarlane, who left virtually no controversial stone unturned. However, the 2013 Oscars drew 40.3 million viewers—the largest audience for any entertainment show on television in three years.  What’s more, viewership climbed among the influential 18 to 49 demographic, according to the New York Times. 

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This leaves us to wonder why the Academy is opting to go back to playing it safe for 2014, unless DeGeneres has some uncharacteristically risqué tricks up her sleeve. Either way, everyone loves ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ host, and as far as hosts go, she’s a consummate professional—and she can dance.

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