10 Reasons We’re Excited for Ellen to Host the Oscars on Sunday, As Told In GIFs

Meghan Blalock

In case you’ve been living under a rock this whole week, the 86th Annual Academy Awards are airing this Sunday night on ABC. After the rather offensive flub that was Seth MacFarlane’s hosting gig last year, the Academy made a wise choice for their master of cermonies this time around: Ellen DeGeneres will return for her second round, after making her debut as the host in 2007.

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Rare is the occasion when you meet someone who’s not a fan of the outrageously funny talk show host, stand-up comedian, and general all-around ball of positivity, and there’s no shortage of joyous GIFs that embody all the wonderful things that make up Ellen. We found 10 hilarious ones that have us super excited to watch her on Sunday night! Tune in at 7 p.m. EST to see all the zaniness unfold.

1. Some kind of crazy opening video skit in which she does something as funny as it is inappropriate, like having a full-on conversation while shaving her legs in a bubble bath.


2. Making jokes about the people who haven’t won Oscars, to enthusiastic applause from major celebrities.

ellen aim lower

3. Unlike those delivered by Mr. MacFarlane, any and all boob jokes made by Ellen are totally welcome.

ellen boob jokes

4. At some point, she will definitely dance.

ellen dancing 2

5. And then she’ll probably dance some more later.

ellen dancing

6. It’s open season on gay jokes.

ellen gay

7. She laughs at her own jokes, and it’s the most infectious laugh ever.

ellen laughing

8. She will probably bring up this non-joke from 2007, when she pointed out nominee Leonardo DiCaprio for no other reason than to admire his beauty.

ellen leo

9. Her clever twists on the overdone “we all hate Oscar speeches” jokes.

ellen speeches

10. And last but certainly not least: vaguely sexual, anti-exercise jokes.

ellen trainign