Elle Vs. Dakota: Which Fanning Did Terry Richardson Best?

Spencer Cain
Elle Vs. Dakota: Which Fanning Did Terry Richardson Best?
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Just yesterday, Terry Richardson posted pictures to his blog featuring him and Dakota Fanning goofing off around his studio. Dakota looked mature and chic in a leather jacket and a pleated skirt, and totally at ease in front of the famed photog’s very expensive camera. Of course, like any celebrity who sits for Terry, Dakota posed as Terry, donning his trademark glasses and signature distant pout.

And now, Terry has put up some more shots guaranteed to make any Fanning fans freak out. Dakota’s younger sister Elle, who has become a fashion and movie star in her own right, took her turn as Terry — and the results are equally awesome, and maybe even better. Personally, I adore Elle’s outfit, and think she has a unique look that truly transcends her age.

Click through the gallery above to see the complete Elle shoot, and be sure to vote on who did Terry more justice below.

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