FYI—Ellen Degeneres Just Won Halloween With This Cardi B Costume

Ellen Degeneres.
Photo: Angel Marchini/Shutterstock.

Ellen Degeneres just won Halloween. So good luck beating this costume. Ellen Degeneres’ Cardi B Halloween costume photo proves that nothing has ever been better than this. The talk show host had her audience in fits of laughter when she debuted her “Cardi E” look. She donned a sequined black dress with huge fake boobs, fishnet tights and a long blonde and pink wig a la Cardi’s Hustler’s look.  “I can’t be Cardi B — it’s Cardi E,” Ellen explained. “E is for Ellen. It’s also my bra size. This outfit has a whole lot going on from every angle.”

Naturally, Cardi B just had to make an appearance. The “Press” rapper joined Ellen onstage and complimented her outfit, even noting that  Ellen’s breasts looked super “soft.” The 27-year-old joked, “I like that yours are softer than mine. I should be mad at my doctor.” LOL. Cardi has always been open about her various plastic surgeries, so no surprise she had a good sense of humor about it with Ellen. Cardi went on to give Ellen some twerking lessons because you know she needed to learn a few moves of her own! It really helped make the costume more believable. And guess what? Ellen’s got moves! Check it out below.

Ellen has always been a fan of Halloween. And she’s always down for a good costume. In 2017, she rocked a new look as “Karla Kardashian” the “lesser-known Kardashian sister.” LOL. The talk show host rocked a leopard-print jumpsuit, along with long nails and an extra-long blonde wig. The best part of that outfit? The fake pregnancy belly. She wanted to be pregnant along with all of her other “sisters.” Ellen got Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian to join her onstage. It was epic.