Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels Break World Records


As we reported yesterday, Elizabeth Taylor’s one-of-a-kind jewels were sold at a private auction held by Christie’s. While it’s no surprise that her coveted jewelry collection fetched a pretty penny, no one quite expected it to make history.

That’s right– it actually broke the world record for the highest amount spent on a private jewelry collection sold at an auction.

To put this in perspective, Elizabeth Taylor’s auction broke the previous record of$50,281,887, which was spent in 1987 forthe Duchess of Windsor’s private collection.

The total spent amounted to a whooping 97,539,371.

And to get an idea of exactly how much some of the dazzling pieces sold for, the Telegraph reported the following stats:

  • The La Peregrina necklace, a pearl, diamond, and ruby sixteenth-century necklace: $11,842,500
  • The Taj Mahal ruby and gold chain by Cartier: $8,818,500
  • The Prince of Wales brooch, formerly owned by the Duchess of Windsor: $1,314,500
  • The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, a 33.29 carat Asscher-cut ring given to her by Richard Burton in 1968, and said to have worn it everyday: $8,818,500

What do you think of the amount of money dropped on Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection? Let us know in the comments section below!