Elizabeth Banks’ Red Carpet Stylists: ‘We Wanted to Separate Her From Effie Trinket’

Meghan Blalock

One of the year’s strongest red carpet circuits of 2013 was made by ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” star Elizabeth Banks, who made no fewer than eight appearances over the course of the fall months, wearing designers like Alexander McQueen, Versace, and her perennial favorite, Elie Saab. The geniuses behind Banks’ killer looks, sister styling duo Nicole and Wendi Ferreira, revealed to StyleCaster a somewhat surprising inspiration behind her looks: avoiding her extravagant character Effie Trinket.

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“We try intentionally not to take from her character,” Wendi says. “We wanted to separate her from Effie on the red carpet. She still wearing things that are beaded, for example, and sort of grand. But we want to make it clear that this is Elizabeth Banks in ‘The Hunger Games.’ It’s definitely a [purposeful] departure from Effie.”

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“We definitely draw inspiration from the movie,” Nicole adds. “Not her character, but the movie: the whole trilogy and the scope of what that is. Sort of how over the top it is. And because Elizabeth has this incredible personality, we like to play on that as well. We have a goal to make a statement, to be vibrant and out there.”

Click through the gallery to see five of Elizabeth’s stunning looks, and what inspired the stylists for each one!