Elise Overland Gets it Right


Saturday afternoon found me running through the torrential downpour that was Hurricane Hanna. Let me tell you, sprinting down 9th Avenue in five-inch heels sharing a 10-inch-diameter umbrella whilst trying to keep one’s hair dry for an impending on-camera interview is…..not fun. But, it was all made worthwhile once I got backstage at Elise Overland’s presentation. The traditionally rock ‘n roll designer turned a softer, more feminine hand this season, mixing the usual suspects (skin-tight black leather pants, sequin vests, et al.) with fresh, clean pieces in pastel silks. I loved a nude-pink silk v-neck minidress that reminded me a bit of silk pajamas.

Also, I love, love, loved the jewelry. Genevieve Jones’ dark gunmetal silver chains and bangles were the perfect fit for Overland’s cool-girl aesthetic. I’m obsessed with the vertebrae bangles you can see stacked on the model’s wrists (in picture above). You can be sure they’ll be amongst my first investments for the season.