It’s Election Day! Here’s a First Lady Style Refresher

Spencer Cain

obama romney Its Election Day! Heres a First Lady Style RefresherThat’s right — it’s Election Day, people! If you didn’t vote yet, make sure you do so whenever you get a chance today. (Not to be preachy, but it’s sort of the most important right you have as an American citizen.)

No matter who wins the election today, the First Lady will serve an important role in the administration—both with her own political agenda and, of course, her wardrobe choices.

Over the past four years, Michelle Obama has become a major focal point when it comes to style, and whether Obama or Romney wins the election, it’s a safe bet that the country will be looking to the First Lady’s fashion choices more than in administrations past.

We’ve all come to know and love Michelle Obama and her effortlessly refined and elegant (but not stuffy) style over the past four years, and Ann Romney has been making her own headlines as of late for bold choices, including a pricey Oscar de la Renta frock.

No matter who you want to see take the oath on January 21, 2013, it’s important to educate yourself:

Take a look back at Michelle Obama’s lookbook here, and take a look back at Ann Romney’s lookbook here (and please, don’t forget to vote).